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Inspirational Gift Sets

Frequestly Asked Questions




I have an idea or suggestion for improvement for a product and would like to share.


Oh-my-gosh, please share it with us at and we’ll see if we can incorporate the idea. We are always looking to improve our quality, service, or products and we value your input!


How do I order directly from Smiling Wisdom?

Products are listed and fulfilled by Amazon. AMAZON payment options, tax rules and shipping all apply.


I'd like to make a YouTube Video of how to fold a Smiling WIsdom Catcher or Hop Frogs, can I?


We would love that! Contact us at for more information and contests.


I saw a Smiling Wisdom product design on YouTube but not on your site. How do I purchase it?


It may be discontinued, or it may be designed but not produced yet. If you’re interested, please contact us at If there is enough interest, we will work on creating it.

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