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My Childhood Dream--I Loved You from the Start

I admit that I am a tiny bit crazy about this game I called a Fortune Teller when I was a child. Some call them Cootie Catchers. I fill them with inspiring thoughts and insights and call them Smiling Wisdom Catchers. I loved them at 10, and I love them today many years later.

The Smiling Wisdom collection is comprised of the simple things that make me smile and the wisdom I discovered along the way. I believe that one positive message can inspire a person to accomplish things beyond their wildest imagination, mend relationships, and heal a soul. A single smile can change the path of a person's life.

I am in my happy place when I am creative, and I hope it brings you a smile when you receive Smiling Wisdom or give it away.

Jill Heron

President, Smiling Wisdom

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