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Life Takes Some Unexpected Turns but Prayers are Answered

I have been working on this gift set for some time but when I came home after being at the hospital with my mom after a CODE BLUE, I felt so grateful that it seemed so easy to finish. A couple weeks after, another family member didn't recover from her CODE BLUE. Sometimes life is difficult to understand and takes some unexpected turns. This set will always be very special to me.

Sand Dollar Prayers

Each time you say a prayer,

God sends a white dove to earth

with a solution to your request

that is just right for you.

Sometimes, the prayer may not feel answered

or the solution may not make sense.

Over time, you will realize that

God knows exactly what you need

in the time and way, you need it.

God knows what you need

before you ever ask.

Know that your prayers have been heard

and His hand has already begun

to make changes.

This sand dollar is a reminder

to pray big and have faith in the outcome.

Ask for humility, wisdom, empathy and gratitude.

Then pray for clarity to enable you

to see the doves that He sends your way.

If your faith is challenged

and you need strength,

break open this sand dollar.

Within His beautiful creation,

you will release five white doves.

He hears you.

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